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Wednesday December 12, 2018
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Company History

Seetru Limited

Seetru are internationally renowned manufacturers of pressure relief valves and liquid level gauges for a variety of industries, from compressors to ship building and power stations.

Founded in 1949 with the aim of producing the finest level gauges so that customers could see the true level even under the most severe conditions.

This philosophy of making the finest through innovation continued with the inception of the Seetru range of pressure relief devices, circa 1950; the Seetru Tutchtite® sealing system revolutionized the safety valve market with valves that do not leak even after repeated popping and for high pressures.

Today Seetru strives to produce the very best safety relief valves that can be made at a price that our customers can easily afford. Seetru valves are, for instance, used very widely in the compressor industry for their quality, low cost, low life cycle cost, durability and pressure tightness.

Seetru Engineering Services

During the 1990's Seetru applied all their knowledge and expertise to bear on the refurbishment and testing of Safety and Relief valves for external customers, resulting in the official formation of Seetru Engineering Services in November of 1998 with the very first SES test certificate for ICI simply numbered "R1" produced on 25/11/1998.

SES has grown considerably since these humble beginnings to now become a major provider for PSV (and other) services and advise throughout the UK and globally, becoming the supplier of choice for many industries/companies including but not limited too:

• Power - Nuclear, Gas, Oil, Coal and Solar
• Petrochemical
• Pharmaceutical
• Food
• Motor Vehicle
• Etc.

In recent years Seetru Engineering Services has offered full technical and practical training to all our customers either at our works or at our customers sites.

In 2014 SES supplied technician training and equipment to a national oil production company of Nigeria. This was carried out at our Bristol facility.

In 2013 SES supplied from the Stockton facility a full PSV training course for 15 Technicians and Managers for a major oil production company in Iraq.

In 2011 SES expanded their operation base and opened a second fully equipped workshop and training facility in Stockton-on-Tees to provide a more cost effective solution to our valued customers in this area.

In 2008 SES won a two-year overseas contract to provide training, supervision and testing services for a major oil production company in Libya, culmination in ASME certification approvals for all the trained technicians.

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