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In-Situ Valve Testing

- Seetru have been providing In-situ Valve Testing since 2001 -

What are the benefits of using the Seetru Tru-Test® System for In-situ Safety Valve Testing?

Dismounting safety valves from their operational location can be time-consuming and expensive. The Seetru Tru-test® provides the capability to test safety and relief valves in-situ, eliminating the need to remove the valve from the system or shut the system down. In-situ testing of this form is part of a carefully planned and monitored test and maintenance regime, which also includes periodic strip down, inspection & overhaul, and a highly cost effective means of managing safety valve and relief valve inventories.

The Seetru Tru-test® system offers the capacity to test in real operating conditions. This provides added con dence in the protection afforded by the safety valve. It also supports the optimisation/ minimisation of maintenance downtime through Seetru operated condition monitoring of safety valves in service.

Tru-test® - Saving You Time and Money

Features of the Tru-test® system

  • Objective, accurate and reproducible evaluation of set pressure.
  • Tests can be “hot”, i.e. in-situ with medium pressure acting on the safety valve, or “cold”, i.e. on or off site and in-situ with no medium pressure acting on the safety valve.
  • Highly accurate transducers (0.1% accuracy) are used to measure force and lift.
  • Fully automatic test and control of test, the test takes place without human operator intervention.
  • Pre-programmed computer controlled test cycle.
  • Pre-programmed safety limits are sensed and managed automatically during the test cycle in order to prevent damage and to provide fail-safe operation.
  • An integrated pressure transducer can be used to provide the most accurate measurement of actual system pressure at the time of the test and as the test evolves.
  • Seetru Tru-test® equipment is ATEX approved for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Lift limitation is pre-established and provided to minimise the risk of valve damage or a full lift safety valve popping open during test. The computer controlled pre-programmed test eliminates the chance that the inherent vagaries of a human operator manually controlling the lift might result in the safety valve lifting.
  • Ability to provide power driven closure of safety valve, should the valve pop open during test.
  • Equipment and procedures designed to enhance operational Health and Safety.
  • The Seetru safety valve test method using the Tru-Test® system is widely approved, for instance, by Lloyds Register of Shipping and the Insurance Industry.
  • Both set pressure and full lift tests available.
  • Fully reproducible and objective footprint/benchmark tests for valve health monitoring.
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