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Condition Rating

Safety Valve Management improved by Seetru Condition Rating®


The biggest challenge during safety valve planned maintenance programmes is to correctly determine maintenance frequencies. Maintaining a valve just because a period of time has passed is inefficient, ineffective, costly and potentially risky. Gaining assurance that your safety valves operate as the manufacturer intended and certified when necessary, requires far more detailed and additional information than a normal test and component condition report can provide.

Seetru Engineering Services have developed our own Seetru Condition Rating® technology that provides a measured and concise analysis of safety valves. Using our Compu-Test™ software we can measure and record all the important parameters and produce a simple to understand reading -

Risk Based Inspection Made Possible

The ideal starting point when gaining performance data for safety valves is from new. This condition rating benchmark works as an initial data point for comparison when monitoring the rate of deterioration through the maintenance points.

Condition Rating ensures your valves will always work in the event they are required to do so = Risk Reduction

Condition Rating improves valve efficiency and reduces leaking valves = Cost Reduction
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