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Seetru Compu-test™

- Accuracy & Consistency -

Seetru's Compu-Test™ system provides a highly accurate digital recording of a valve’s leak, set and re-seat points. Using pressure transducers to measure these different points and displaying them on a computer screen, the Compu-Test™ removes the risk of human error which can occur with manual readouts. The Compu-Test™ system also makes calculations to see whether the test results meet industry safety standards and regulations.

Benefits of Seetru Compu-test™

  • Fully computerized
  • Automated and objective
  • Set pressure measurement
  • Electronic bubble count leak rate test
  • Condition Rating® measurement
  • Detailed analysis of valve operation
  • Computerized full test records for certificate
  • Test results printout for certificate
  • Patented worldwide

    The Compu-test™ system can be used in either manual or automatic analysis modes. In automatic mode the Compu-test™ system automatically evaluates all the key diagnostic parameters extremely quickly and objectively, the user can also carry out the same evaluation entirely in manual mode. In either mode it is fast and simple to use.

    The objective precision of the diagnostic information and the ease with which the Compu-test™ system produces objective diagnostic results strongly enhance the quality of safety valve maintenance operations. Thus leading to greatly reduced risk associated with safety valves in operation.

    The electronic measurements are objective and are recorded directly into the system database for future use. The system will generate certification documentation recording all the diagnostic test data and the summary diagnostic results.

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